"New Year's Hill" Salad - Recipe With Photo

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"New Year's Hill" Salad - Recipe With Photo
"New Year's Hill" Salad - Recipe With Photo

I propose to diversify your festive table with a quite simple dish, but with its own twist. So, I recommend that you pay attention to this option, how to prepare the "New Year's Hill" salad.

Cooking description:

1. Wash the fillets and cook until tender. If you wish, you can also use oven-baked chicken in the recipe for making New Year's Hill salad. Cool and grind.

2. Place the hard-boiled eggs. Then cool and clean. Cut into small cubes or grate.

3. Peel and chop the onion. Scald with boiling water to remove the bitterness, or marinate with salt, sugar and vinegar.

4. Grate the cheese.

5. Nuts (you can use any that you like) chop a little with a knife or hands.

6. When all the ingredients are ready, you can start making the "New Year's Hill" salad at home. Place a layer of onion on the bottom.

7. Spread the chicken evenly on top. Brush with mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

8. Followed by eggs and again a thin layer of mayonnaise.

9. Finishes off all the grated cheese. Layers can be repeated until the end of the ingredients. The salad can now be refrigerated for at least 1 hour.

10. Before serving, clean the pomegranate and separate the grains. Sprinkle them over the top and the sides with chopped nuts.

Here is such a delicious and very interesting recipe for making a "New Year's Hill" salad.

Purpose: For a festive table / New Year

Main ingredient: Poultry / Chicken

Dish: Salads


  • Chicken fillet - 400 Grams
  • Onion - 1 Piece
  • Egg - 3-4 Pieces
  • Nuts - 100 Grams
  • Cheese - 100 Grams
  • Pomegranate - 1 Piece
  • Mayonnaise - To taste

Servings: 4-6