Pork Pie - Recipe With Photo

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Pork Pie - Recipe With Photo
Pork Pie - Recipe With Photo

Video: Pork Pie - Recipe With Photo

Video: Pork Pie - Recipe With Photo
Video: Homemade Pork Pie Recipe 2023, December

Incredibly appetizing, very satisfying and easy to prepare, this pork pie at home is a great option for homemade savory pastries for the whole family.

Cooking description:

1. First of all, leave the puff pastry to defrost and turn on the oven.

2. Wash the meat, pat dry with a paper towel and cut into large pieces. It is best to use nuts in a recipe for making a pie with pork so that the filling is juicy.

3. Peel the onion.

4. Pass the meat and onions through a meat grinder or chop in a blender bowl.

5. Preheat skillet and add minced meat. Season with salt and pepper to taste, add your favorite spices.

6. Stir constantly to prevent lumps from forming, fry over medium heat. You can add tomato sauce to this simple pork pie recipe if you like. Remove the minced meat from heat and cool slightly.

7. On a floured surface, roll out the dough, dividing it into 2 layers.

8. Prepare a baking dish and place one layer on the bottom.

9. Spread the filling evenly and cover with a second layer of dough.

10. Make punctures all over or a small hole in the center for steam to escape.

11. Whisk the yolk and brush over the top.

12. Send to the preheated oven and bake the pork pie at home for 35-45 minutes until golden brown.

Purpose: For lunch / For dinner / For children

Main ingredient: Meat / Dough / Puff pastry

Dish: Pastries / Pies

Cuisine geography: Russian cuisine


  • Pork - 500 Grams
  • Onion - 1-2 Pieces
  • Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. the spoon
  • Salt - To taste
  • Spices - To taste
  • Puff pastry - 500 Grams
  • Yolk - 1 Piece

Servings: 6