We realize that having someone come cook for you in your kitchen might be a little intimidating. If these questions below don't answer what you are looking for, please contact us!

Do you cater to different diets?

Yes! We have had clients with Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Paleo, Ketogenic, and even special needs diets (hormonal imbalances and chemo/radiation preparation diets).

What size party will you cater for?

We can cater events as large as 20 people, to even just a single meal for one person.

Am I going to pay an arm and a leg?

Your meal pricing is based on complexity of meal, its preparation time, and size of group, but it is still very affordable.

How far out should I book?

Larger events will need to be booked at least 30-60 days ahead of time. Smaller events can be booked 7-10 days out. However, the Holidays Schedule is filling up quickly, so book now!

Are you using my pots and pans?

Yes, I will be using your cookware, utensils, and other necessary kitchen items, unless those necessary items are not available, in which case I can provide them.

Are you insured?

I am insured and certified to come into your home and cook.