Carolyn's Philosophy

I am Carolyn Fellie - A wife, mother, grandmother, and a cook. I am happiest in my kitchen. I love cooking and sharing recipes with people who desire to be healthier.

Like me, most of us are too busy to plan out healthy meal options and everything that goes with them. So, what happens? We develop bad eating habits. 

I believe that all of us can improve our health considerably by making better food choices.

I grew up eating garden vegetables and grass fed meat, but when I became an adult, my health started to decline. I was sick all the time with various upper respiratory conditions. It was then that I realized I needed to start taking my health seriously, so I took the time to learn about the foods that would make me feel better. Changing my diet allowed me to stop taking certain medications and lose weight, while still being able to eat some of the foods I enjoyed.

My goal is to help families who want to be healthier make better food choices. We only have one life, are you ready for a new experience?

Next Steps...

Are you ready to make a change for a healthier and happier life?